About us

Our Story

Zenbrief was born when a team of data scientists, software engineers from MIT decided to make it easier and faster to get more organic traffic from Google.

We had spend years in the digital publishing and online media space. We wanted to leverage the progress made in AI, and in particular Natural Language Processing (NLP), to automate labour-intensive search engine optimization (SEO) we experienced as online media publishers.

We wrote the first line of code in 2019 with the aim to extract semantically-related keywords from a text. We realized that what used to take hours could now be achieved in just a few minutes.

Over the years, we’ve been refining and testing our algorithms, to make them faster and more accurate. More importantly, we’ve used Zenbrief to optimize the content of websites in various niches, and observed a dramatic increase in organic search traffic. So, we decided to build a user-friendly interface to make our tool accessible to everyone.

“Zenbrief makes it easy to get more organic traffic from Google, while saving you tons of time.”

Join Us!

We’re hiring across the board. We’re looking for talented individuals to join our team spread across four continents.