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Boost your content team’s productivity by generating SEO-friendly content briefs that make it easy to create content that drives traffic.

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Content Brief Software - List of Briefs
Example of content brief
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A Powerful Content Brief Software

Create Content Briefs at Scale

Pick a topic and in just a few minutes, Zenbrief will generate an easy-to-follow content brief that your writer can use to create highly relevant SEO content. 

Customize Your Content Brief

Clear up any misunderstanding with your writers by adding custom details such as a tone of voice, a point of view, your target audience persona, a deadline & more. 

Build a Content Outline

Easily build an SEO-friendly content outline that contains all ideas you’d like to cover,  follows a well-defined structure and facilitates the writing process. 

Assign Articles & Monitor Progress

Assign a label to each brief, and monitor the progress of the content. Quickly identify content that needs improvement to drive more organic traffic.

Let AI Do Topic Research For You

Zenbrief extracts key patterns from top performing content on Google and consolidate them in an actionable content brief.

Keep the Upper Hand

Add your own requirements to Zenbrief’s AI-generated content brief to make sure your content stays authentic and resonates with your audience.

Ready For More Organic Traffic?

Discover how Zenbrief can help you create better content briefs effortlessly.